Thursday, 13 May 2010

A word of warning

Outside the Feather Boa bar. A notice has been taped to the door, from the inside. It reads:

Republic of Singapore

My name is DF

My actions have caused embarrassment to the staff and patrons of the Feather Boa. I am deeply sorry for all the trouble caused to all the members of the club Feather Boa.

The understanding shown by the staff of the club has been very appreciated with nothing other than this announcement and paying the cost for the damage of the door has been asked for. There was a loss of business [and] nothing was requested.

In this respect, the club and its staff have only requested this apology in addition to the repairs.

We have paid HK$8000 in respect of the reparations.

Damage $8000
News party $6000

Name disguised to not add insult to injury

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