Thursday, 20 May 2010

Food for thought

I'm about to jump into a cab to meet T and some complete strangers for dinner.

I just wanted to mention that the food here is to die for. We went to a place last night underground, with only 4 tables and a set menu that wasn't actually printed i.e. everything was a "surprise". Anyway, it was outstanding. Chinese. The head chef, who is the wife of the head waiter, came out at the end and sang Chinese opera. A little odd, but better than a baileys. I'm not telling the name because it's one of those secret places that everybody knows about.

We've eaten the best fish here too. Fish that's pulled out of a huge tank and then lavishly served with veggies and rice. Note that being Spanish, fish with heads are the norm for me. However, I cannot, and will not do chicken with its head on. T had to put a bowl on it so I didn't get up and leave.

Finally, lots of top class buffets with steaming goodies, chocolate fountains and flambed (sp) bananas. Oddly enough, you can get the same buffet in different restaurants, but the prices can range wildly, as the quality of the ingredients goes up and the % of MSG comes down.

Ok, off to dinner at Cheri Cheri. Some French place where I'm sure the owner will spot the frenchman in T in a second and start bowing and scraping, while I sit there looking like a tourist he picked up in SOHO along the way.

List of good spots:

Isola (best Italian on earth, ever)
Zumma (sushi with millionaires)
Sevva (dossas with millionaires)
Flying pan (terrible American diner that brings New York back to us)
Da Ping Huo (the singing chef I said I wouldn't mention)
The harbour restaurant (fresh fish, chicken with heads)


  1. Hi G ! Super de lire ton blog ! Keep writing ! Bisous, Virginie

  2. Did T pick you up in SOHO? I missed that part of the story. Courage, ma belle, now that you own hair straighteners you could almost count as French. Well, in China that is :)