Monday, 10 May 2010

Is this fair??!!

Sorry to have to vent. As I mentioned this morning, we've signed a lease for Boom Boom. Despite this, we haven't actually heard a squeak from the landlady and we have to do all our dealings with her through her thug broker, con-woman #2 (CW2), who's a nasty piece of work. She also knows she's up to no good, as she's dropped T off her emails to me, because she knows that he knows she's trouble.

Anyway, here's the situation I'm now finding myself in; Boom Boom has no wardrobes, it comes with an oversized fridge which can't actually fit in the kitchen and it has an extra washing machine which the landlady can't be arsed to take home with her, so it's living in the fire escape (I think I mentioned this already).

So there-is-no-space.

Today I went to look at smaller fridges (one that actually fits in the kitchen), find custom wardrobe builders (to build the wardrobes that nobody thought of to build) and find a carpenter who can make a box for the fridge to live in (so it's not holding court in the living room). All of this paid for by moi, as CW2 claims the landlady would be offended. Offended?? By what?? By her tenant asking to not have the apt she's renting used as the landlady's personal storage space??!!!!

But, in good old expat fashion, I've been agreeing and smiling politely at all these crazy terms.....until today. We had asked CW2 to get rid of a hideous ceiling lamp in the living room. And today I get this email from her:

...Regarding the ligting in living room, as it's provided by landlord, I can get handyman to take it out for you. and you need to find the space to store it and put it back when tenancy completed....

I need to find the space????!!!! Is she completely mad?? There is no space to put my socks away, let alone a lamp that looks like a spaceship with two headlights! And to top it off, we're going to have 2 fridges, 2 washing machines and no wardrobes!!! And why is she telling me what I need to do??!!! If anyone's offended, it's me!

Clearly there is no point in talking to evil CW2 any further, as she clearly doesn't give a damn if we have to live with any entire electronics shop in the house. So I'm now going to wait until we get the landlady's phone number, which is currently under maximum high security protection in CW2's office, and hopefully infuse this situation with some reason. Or is this normal?


  1. Nope, it's not fair. It's life ;)
    I think I'd strangle the b***** with a string of noodles!

  2. Good idea! Hope your house hunting is getting easier!

  3. The buyer's mortgage fell through yesterday. If you'd pass me that string of noodles, please...