Saturday, 12 November 2011

Occupy Pilates

Unlike any other sport I've dabbled in, I must say I really enjoy pilates. I look forward to my weekly sessions, where I get to sway back and forth on the "reformer", to the voice of the instructor: 1-2-3 puuuush.

I particularly enjoy the fact that the studio I go to is so small and tucked away in Wan Chai. I know nobody there, and appreciate the freedom anonymity and two hours of peaceful meditative exercise does to my general mental and physical health.

Not for long, though. Last week, as I unsuspectingly squeaked out of my class on my slip-proof 5-toe socks, I suddenly found myself in the midst of a French Banker Congregation. Only they'd swapped their Westins and blue suits for aforementioned socks and graying shorts (thank goodness they spared me leggings).

It took me a very long half-a-second to register that a) this is the first time I've seen that many men here and b) I don't think I've ever seen T's friends standing around in socks (have I already mentioned the toes?) and shorts before. It felt like a bit of an Allie McBeal moment, when she imagines all the lawyers naked in the court room, only there was no waking up from this daydream/nightmare.

Turns out that T has been promoting the wonders of pilates at Le Banque, claiming that it can cure back ache and get rid of paunches in 10 sessions. The fact that T has never actually been to a pilates class and has no intention of ever doing so, is something that this loyal fan base seem to have generously overlooked. Sigh.

I'm considering getting a facial next week. I hope to goodness I don't have to sit anywhere next to a bunch of traders with cucumbers on their eyelids. I couldn't take it.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Weekend escape

Since I've spent more time on the road for work that I have at home, T and I decided to take some "quality time" and head off to Cebu in the Philippines for the weekend.

Now, not very originally, we've always fancied ourselves to be not-resort-people. I generally prefer being on a boat and T historically preferred sharing his room with creatures that scuttle around in the night. I've since corrupted him into going to hotels with hot water - but we've never stooped so low as a resort.

It was fantastic.

We spent two blissful days in the Shangri-La, snorkelling, sun bathing and doubling up on Pina Coladas at Happy Hour.

Sunrise ..ish

Working on looking like an Umpa Lumpa. By the way, you hardly have to snorkel as the tropical fish are in one foot of water

Pic taken with Pina Colada goggles