Tuesday, 25 May 2010


My knee in the sun

According to everyone with a job, sitting around doing nothing is a rare treat to be cherished. Like all good things, they pass. Not bloody fast enough! I've spent 2 days hard at work on my tan and have managed to decorate my back with various white lines and that's that. Done. What next? Yes, I already had a pedicure. (I really shouldn't be complaining though as these were the only 2 sunny days Hong Kong has had in decades).

I'm starting to relate to those desperately annoying, and ridiculously wealthy, women who say "oh I do charity work". As they sip their Veuve Clicquot and blind you with their diamonds. I normally feel a wave of nausea when I come across one of these specimens, and wouldn't like to become one of them. Although, no worries there, as I'm yet to fall under the "ridiculously wealthy" category, unless one of us wins the lottery.

So, tomorrow you'll find me doing some form of uncharitable work or other. Although we have been kindly invited to the opening of the Hong Kong Art Fair, which should bring some of my brain cells out from hiding, albeit briefly.

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