Sunday, 9 May 2010

The return of House music

Festivaaaal! I have been deprived of good house music in NYC. Deprived. Here are a few reasons why: popularity of Hip Hop (which I loath), my sheer lack of talent when it comes to wooing bouncers to get me into clubs and, finally, I got a little boring and looked forward much more to nights in front of movies T downloaded than spraining my ankles on the cobblestones of the MeatPacking district. These days are over.

Went out with T and a friend of his, V, for a couple of drinks last night. We got back at 4am -and that was early. The places were heaving with house music, and not just any old house music, but Ibiza style stuff, the kind of thing that you can't but help dance to. And everyone was dancing and talking and drinking fantastic cocktails with names like Juicy Nipple.. We went to Tazmania Ballroom for drinks and then to Drop to dance. Best DJ ever. T spent most of the night befriending men and inviting them to drinks, in return for precious cigs. He seems ok now.

Chore of the day: Buy flat shoes to dance in. In my dreams. If I had any money I would do that..but I don't. So it's high heels or flipflops. Bouncers don't care anyway.