Thursday, 13 May 2010

Caught between two stools

The thought of maybe-one-day-having-a-job has put me into a state of paralysis.

Up until today, my mind has been full with other things; Boom Boom, wardrobes, food, meeting new people, making sure T's shirts are ironed. I've been quite enjoying it actually.

But now the thought of work has put a spoke in the works. What about the roofgarden I want to build? And the re-covering of the couch? And how will I manage the IKEA delivery men? And who will look after this blog? And didn't I want to start personal training?

So, today you'll find me next to the pool. Hoping this all goes away.


  1. I know exactly how you feel!! It probably feels like too much too soon! Hopefully you get to feel balanced!

  2. Ha! I know exactly what you mean. How in the world are you supposed to do everything you want to do !?!?! And who needs a job, anyways? It gets in the way of life. Oh right, the job bankrolls it. Shucks ;-) Back to work...

  3. I earned 200 bucks this week from writing a few articles for a website. It's the first money I have made in ages. It's exhausting. I need a sabbatical now.

    PS: PT is highly recommendable. My weapon of choice is called Dmitri.

  4. It's clear that there are definitely pros and cons to being employed!

  5. Stay unemployed, stick to the blog and be happy. That's my advice.