Thursday, 27 May 2010

Truth is stranger than fiction

I never thought I would be writing an ad for laundry detergent, but I am. I bought it at the supermarket near where we currently live in Kennedy Town. They only have Chinese products in this barrio, so I bought the one bottle that had a few bits written in English on it - not much, only "Fresh n' Hygiene" and a few other vague claims.

Turns out the stuff is magic.

It washes out ANYTHING. Blood? gone. Accidentally died t-shirts? Back to white. Oil? Gone. AMAZING.

So today, after washing blue die off my shorts in -2 seconds, in icy water I thought I'd better a) tell you about it and b) read the label

The label shows pictures of lots of unidentifiable looking objects that it can wash out, and it's written that it kills 99.9% of everything. So that's that. No, they don't mention if it's environmentally friendly. Nor do they include any customer service number to call in case of ingestion. I've Googled the brand (Walex) and can only find a septic tank producer with that name.

But despite the dubious contents/origins of this product, it's funny how our expectations have dropped so low that we come to think it's a miracle that a product actually does what it says it does. Imagine if hair growing formula, anti-wrinkle cream, vitamin pills, "power bars" all did what they claim to do!!

Off to eat my morning yogurt. It's good for the bones, you know.

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  1. I want a bottle of that stuff. It must be weird to have products without customer service numbers and an array of warnings on it after such a long time in the U.S.