Monday, 24 May 2010

South Beach

The buck stops here. I can't keep eating. I might explode. I need to start shrinking. Now.

Life here thus far has been a sensory adventure. Lavish meals on top of towering terraces, chocolate desserts and strolls on the waterfront with Magnums dripping onto our fingers. And they don't mess around with cakes and tarts and things around here either. There's a cake shop on every corner, and T keeps diving into them to check if their macaroons/brownies/pain au chocolat/eclaires are up to snuff. Of course, I'm dragged in, kicking and squealing, and forced to eat them too. It's all been quite frightful.

And then there was the photograph. Typical story: complete stranger takes picture of girl and boyfriend in front of pretty view. Girl looks at picture to see if it's up to scratch. Girl doesn't recognize herself in the picture. Girl spends rest of day quietly plotting her come back. Note that boy looks exactly the same as he always looked. But that's boys for you.

So, I'm going to have to say noooo to all those evil delicacies and move into serious combat mode. South Beach diet here I come. Taking after MetMum, who tracked her post pregnancy weightloss, I am now going to track my return to normalcy. Her quest was obviously far more worthy than mine, what with having given birth and all, as opposed to my return from sheer gluttony.

Here's the game plan (in broad brush strokes):

Anything that's lean (all white meat, fish, eggs)
Low carb veggies (greek veggies, red veggies)

Don't scoff:
Carbs (e.g. rice, pasta, potatoes, carrots, peas, bread, noodles, macaroons, chocolate brownies, dessert)
Sugars (oyster sauce, magnum ice cream, pocky sticks)
Alcohol (margaritas, champagne, wine)
Fruit (that includes mango juice)
Skin on meat (including Peking duck)

Scoff with care:
Legumes (1 cup garbanzos, kidney beans a day max)
15 nuts a day (can be 1 tbs of peanut butter)
2 cups fat free milk (aka 2 Starbucks skimmed lattes a day)
2 tbs olive oil (to be put on salad)
Hard cheese

Walk more, cab less

This basically translates into drinking 2 skimmed lattes, eating a nicoise salad for lunch and feasting on baked fish with green beans for dinner. Everyday. With variations. For 2 weeks. If I'm still looking like a snake that swallowed a basketball, the programme will be extended. I will only weigh in today, next Monday and then the following.

I could really do with a kitchen. But I don't have any pots or anything yet, as they're being rowed over from the US. So, this all has to be done at restaurants.

Today's weight (had to find the gym in the building to weigh myself - wore a bikini to keep it as low as possible): 62.5kg

Comments: None

Goal weight: Below 60kg


  1. Oh no, Ginni, not the SB diet, again! I do remember the days of our shared offices with a smile, when you used to tell me the exact number of WW points I was scoffing up during the day. 'How many points does a jelly bean have? And how many a double shot large caramel soya latte with full fat milk?'
    2.5kg - you'll get there very quickly. Just skip the macaroons.

  2. hahaha! I remember how you'd sit and count out all your jelly beans and put them into point-size piles!

  3. im on a detox maple syrup thingy for 5 days as have been boozing / eating everything in sight the whole month of may...but i think if i just cut the booze ill be fine...good luck girl!