Friday, 20 August 2010

My favorite things

I've already shown you the sheep (who's doing fine, by the way - although I think the maid vacuum cleans him as he's getting woolier). So I thought I'd show you some other little things that make me happy in Boom.

Here's Alex, the New Mexican frog who had to have his legs glued back on after a bumpy ride down the backstreets of St Antonio:

The Warhol which was given to me by a friend in New York and which I believe came from Transporting that and a mirror from her flat on top of Magnolia bakery to mine resulted in an epic taxi crash:

Stuff White People Like (Standing still at concerts, NPR, Film festivals, Apple, Manhattan and now Brooklyn, Architecture, Obama, Bicycles, Ray Ban). I think these nicely sum up life in New York:

Postcards stuck into frames liven up the stairs to the roof. The cards were given to us at various points by Little Miss Tiny T:

Mexican fish chills on the whitewashed wall. My mum gave me this after disappearing into the depths of DF while I was working on a tequila project:

The goat that warms wires. Or.. a highly dangerous way to cover wires. In case anyone's asking, yes T used to live at the Guitar Center in Union Square:

Surf boards in strange places. Signature T:

East Village Monsters. These remind me of my dentist when I was small - he had them in a huge jar at reception:


  1. you never told me abt this crash transporting the Warhol... what happened?

  2. Haha! It was with you!! Remember, the cab got crashed into from behind when we were sitting in the back with the duvet, mirror and the painting? I think it was just outside your house on Bleeker.