Friday, 6 August 2010

Birthday surprise!!

My birthday's only in two weeks, but T surprised me this morning with a birthday prize: A weekend at the Peninsula in Bangkok! What a treat!!! Such a lucky duck. Spoilt rotten!

- By the way, T's off to Paris on my bday. And I'll be sipping cocktails in the jacuzzi with my colleagues in Singapore. Hence the timing. -

Now, if you read my last post, you might have noticed that we stayed there last weekend. Indeed we did. But there's nothing quite like going back to a place you love a second time. In fact, it's so much better. Now there will be even more - if-that's-at-all possible- bowing, scraping and hello Mr and Mrs T, how wonderrrrrffuulll it is to have you back. Tough life.

So, we're off this evening. I've packed our bag (2 undies each, 2 t -shirts each, 2 dresses for me, 1 pair of shorts each and bathing costumes) and now I've got 12 hours to go before we leave. Time-goes-by. So-slowly.

When it comes to packing, I've always kept it light. This probably comes from years of sailing with the family where I was only allowed the smallest of ruc sacs to live out of for 2 months. Funny how that training makes you realize how little you really need. I've never understood women who travel with 2 heaving cases, bursting at the seams. I mean, really, do you have to bring 2 pairs of stilettos and that ball gown on holiday to Thailand? I suppose we can thank "Resort Collections" for that. Sigh.

However, there are a couple of things which I simply must have with me. One is hair straightener (told you about that one already), another is my face cream (or else I can't smile because of cracking) but, most importantly, is my little silver perfume flask from Penhaligon's London. It was given to me by oldest and dearest friend Nt with the honour of being her bridesmaid. Thanks to those terribly sensible airport security laws, me and my flask are inseparable. I fill it up with my perfume at home, using the little funnel, and then I'm ready to waft notes of hibiscus and jasmine everywhere I go...

So now I'm ready! If you need me, you'll find me by the pool!

Off to work now, wreaking a little more of perfume than what's generally deemed office-appropriate.


  1. But G, why are sitting with your work colleagues in a jacuzzi??!!

  2. That's a whole other story which I'm saving for some incredibly secret undercover blog which I'll write one day