Thursday, 12 August 2010

Just Green

I'm highly skeptical about the "organic" movement. In New York I simply refused to go to Whole Foods. Ghastly place. Over priced, over marketed, over packaged and over crowded. I must admit though that after watching Food Inc (which I rolled my eyes at throughout) I switched to organic meat. Watch the movie. You'll see why.. But all the other stuff... like organic toilet paper..puullleeeeese.

That said, I got totally suckered into this whole thing yesterday. I've been trying to wean T off Kellogg's Special K as it's just a pile of chemicals, and so I thought maybe I could find him some muesli or something. So I headed down to Just Green. A live-longer-live-local-be-happy sort of shop. And boy did I enjoy it. It was just like being in a cosmetics shop. Hundreds of products that promise you everlasting youth, in scrumptious boxes, without any of them necessarily having to prove that they can deliver.

I passed the fantastically packaged organic tea, drooled over the organic-all-natural stemmed ginger cookies, and inhaled the scent of the fair trade milk chocolate with nutmeg. Note that all these delicacies (and maybe even the entire shop - and most definitely the shop assistant, who looked like she'd been freshly shipped from Hull) had been imported from England. Live local my arse.

This whole thing is really a big fat con to give people with disposable income something to dispose their income on. But I must say, as I sit here munching on T's Red Fruit Crunch Organic muesli (developed by a "pioneering vegetarian"), I'm thinking I could just hop down there later tonight maybe and get some natural-fair-and-delicious tea to sooth me after a long hard day at the office. Something to help me come closer to the natural order of things. Sucker.

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  1. Funny, I wanted to do a post on Kellogs Special K, because I think they are evil!! Whole Foods in Kensington is very nice though...