Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Botanists needed

I love to go down to the flower shop in Soho and pick up a bunch of flowers for Boom Boom. I've gone quite a few times now, and the lady finally knows me. What that means, is that she now charges me $60 HKD (6 euros) rather than $100 HKD. And two days ago I felt particularly "chosen" as she actually gave me an extra bunch for free. The fact that both those bunches she gave me are duds is not something I'm ready to talk about.

Anyway, I'm so glad my mum is sailing somewhere in Greece and out of radio contact, as she would turn in her bunk if she heard that I don't actually know either of the names of these flowers. Endless summers in Kirstenbosch gardens, drawing, drying and painting flowers all gone to waste. Pearls before swine.

So, here are the flowers. Can anyone tell me there names? I've googled "white flowers with big stems" no avail..

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  1. Top one is is a picture of white ginger flowers