Thursday, 15 July 2010

Top 5 myths about Hong Kong

#1. The food is "dégueulasse"

#2 It's too hot to do anything

(no, those aren't my skinny little legs - those are care of T)

#3 Congestion congestion congestion

#4 Supermarkets don't carry ...

#5 There's no "art" darling

Pictures taken of (in case anybody gives a toss):
#1 Dessert at Caprice
#2 Marriot Hotel pool where you can eat-and-dip
#3 View from Dragon's Back (I now know I loath hiking and I have a hole in my toe to prove it - why go all the way up and then have to come all the way down?)
#4 Supermarket in Repulse Bay stocks everything from Devon's Custard to Dijon Mustard (as does every other supermarket)
#5 Damien Hirst's sadism at his worst (yes, those are real wings) at the Hong Kong Art Fair


  1. What are we waiting for, let's all move to HK!

  2. PS: I was sitting alone in a pub last night, working on my book. And I was thinking about you, realising how much I missed you. Honestly, I miss you so much sometimes, I feel like crying. I hope you are happy in HK and happy with le mac. Bisous d