Saturday, 10 July 2010

Lady Grace's Guide to Hosting

Home. At last. After 1 week in Kuala Lumpur and 2 weeks in Singapore, I am quite happy to be "home" in Hong Kong. It's not quite home yet, though, as all this traveling has left me a little uprooted. As usual.

Talking of home. A colleague of mine in Singapore, Nss, is the most fantastic hostess ever known to mankind. I spent last week working at her house (yes, we work from home when we have high pressure deliverables, so we can have easy access to alcohol) and she had every bell and whistle that could possibly please her guests. I'm not talking about having enough milk (which is sort of where my hostess skills begin and end). I'm talking all alcohol (4 different types of Vodka, beer, gin, rum, sake etc), 2 brimming wine fridges, a jucuzzi with waterproof speakers, stashes of boxes of truffles...the list is endless. And, most importantly, Priscila the maid, who razzles up 3 star michelin food from recipe books that her "madam" directs her to and who runs out to the supermarket, rain or shine, with scribbled lists requesting "more fresh flowers" and "more Dettol"..Nss is also a clean freak.

So, after spending a week padding around her teak floors and occasionally feeding the fish in the indoor pond. I started to write a mental list of "things I should spend more money on at home." When I say "I", I'm actually referring to "T", as he's been holding the forte while I've been traveling (aka not watering the plants and stocking up on pasta). So far, T has gone out and bought a seriously sexy Nespresso machine and milk foaming device, which is our first step to luxury living. On that note, I'm off to have my 3rd cappuccino of the day.

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