Saturday, 10 July 2010

Singapore in style

Now that I have my home computer again, and I'm not fiddling away on my miniature Dell work computer, I can upload some pics!

In Singapore, I stayed at the StudioM hotel, which is the new self-proclaimed "contemporary hotel for design-conscious travelers". It draws inspiration from The Conrad and famous boutique hotels like all those delicious places along South Beach in Miami. It's designed by Piero Lissoni (no I haven't heard of him before) who also designed hotels in Venice, Monaco and all those other name-dropping-friendly spots.

The pros are it's stylish, airy, well located and the bed is more heavenly than the Western's best attempts (I stayed at the Western in Kuala Lumpur and I won't be posting anything on it. Beige. Boring. And it brought back memories of grey business trips to Chicago).

The cons are that "guest services" never pick up the phone. Ever. The shower seems to be a breeding spot for mosquitos. And wake up calls were occasionally forgotten. But for $100USD a night, I'm not complaining. No, I wasn't paying for it. Yes, times are tough and companies no longer see the point in-spoiling-their-employees-because-they're-lucky-to-have-a-job-anyway. Here are some pics:

On a fancier note. T came to visit, and so standards were raised. We went to Marina Bay Sands Casino to check out what the local fauna and flora get up to on the weekend. We "accidentally" took the private guest lift up to the top floor, and found ourselves here:

Who would have thought those neat-freak-Singaporeans had such a decadent side to them?


  1. Yay, I am the your first follower and I am not your mum. That means you have already made it in the blog world.
    So. Singapore, job, ... have I missed something? Are you in employment again? What about becoming a lady of leisure?

  2. Yaaayyyy! That 'followers' link has been rather quiet;)

    How was France?! Are you and little L tanned and relaxed?

    The lady of leisure idea fell out the window and I succumbed to the puritan philosophy of "working my way to happiness". Don't worry, it's already wearing off..

  3. "Working my way to happiness"??? That sounds all a bit too much like "arbeit macht frei", for my liking.