Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Agrarian revolution

What can I say? Some people have children, some people adopt dogs and others..well, get involved with sheep. I'm clearly now in the sheep camp.

I came across the main sheep (the one with the look) at a shop called Homeless on Gough street. Gough steet happens to be my favorite street on earth ever as it's quite beautiful, with small little shops and quiet, tree lined patches to sit in and slurp noodles.

Anyway, there he was, looking at me out of the window. So I went in to rescue him, and his friend. T says his friend looks like something out of a nativity scene, and I kind of see his point. The friend has now been banished to the guest room to graze, while the Look is still standing by the coffee table, looking out and arbitrating all discussions.

I'm obviously going completely mad what with all the personification of wooden animals, but I must admit, I'm growing quite attached.

They're designed by Hanns-Peter Krafft. The world renowned sheep designer.




  1. Sheep in Hong Kong... Do they even know what they are? Are there sheep in China?

  2. Love your sheep! Great blend of material - wood, leather and wool. I know someone who would love to play shepherd in Hong Kong.