Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I am sick to death of traveling.  Over the past 7 weeks I've been in Singapore (twice!), New Zealand, Paris and Beijing.  Most of the trips involved long hours in conference rooms and endless PowerPoint slides.  When I'm in charge, I'm going to forbid that awful program.

Someone asked me the other day how long I'm planning to stay in Hong Kong.  I don't think I've arrived.

Here's Beijing.

Messing around in boats in front of the Summer Palace 

798 Art District.  They do pipes in a big way

 798 Art District. Again

  798 Art District. One of many galleries

  798 Art District. Spanish Exhibition

  798 Art District. Food

  Forbidden City

  Our hotel.  Loved it

  798 Art District. Again

 Fair enough

Forbidden City in the sun

Next trip - The Wall!

Bumf for the enthusiastic traveler: 
Grace Hotel - wonderful paradise just 15 minutes out of town
G Hotel - If you like purple walls and changing colored windows, then this is your place
Da Dong - Best duck in town
Capital M - High tea by Tienanmen
Dali's Courtyard - Perfect for dinner under the stars
Amalal - Mojitos 

p.s. We loved it here, are learning Mandarin, and would like to live here and start a street stand selling pancakes

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  1. Mhm. Might be the pictures, but Beijing looks much more appealing to me than Hong Kong.