Saturday, 10 March 2012

Rock 'n' Roll

Who needs lipstick when you have a Gretsch?

Everyone knows that the key to male success with the other sex (or anyone really) is to stand somewhere looking lost with one of the following: a baby, a dog or a broken leg. Today I discovered a similar accessory for women - the guitar.

As I traipsed through JFK airport last night with a guitar case in one hand and my suitcase in the other, I realised the unleashed potential of musical instruments in the art of seduction. What was I doing with a guitar, one may ask. The short story is I was earning brownie points with T by offering to buy him a guitar and schleping it back to Hong Kong for him. Points have been earned and have been stashed away for later use when nice shoes, bags and back rubs are needed.

Anyway, as I walked through the airport, I noticed that all eyes zoomed in on the guitar case. I could see them lighting up and then glazing over, as they dreamt of rock concerts, fame and fortunes. I could also see them Photoshopping me into whatever musical icon they revered.

The guitar case not only got me a whole lot of unnecessary attention, but its "beer goggle" effect on my persona also got me past a bunch of red tape about 'not-being-allowed-fly-with-guitars-in-the-cabin' or something. An outburst of a few celebrity tears, and I was through, guitar and all.

Rock 'n' Roll, baby.

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  1. They are right to worry about letting people on planes with guitars: "Stairway to Heaven" at 30,000 ft would be terrifying.