Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Decluttering gone wild

With all the excitement and anticipation of building a 'real' home, I've been channeling my energy into scouring apartment design blogs for ideas. One thing that comes up again and again and again is this whole idea of "de-cluttering". Seems that a lot of us are keeping things forever that we've never worn, never look at it and are blocking our chakras and energy flow.

So, after reading many a blog post, I rolled up my sleeves and set upon the task of emptying out my life and holding onto (read making space for) the essentials. For inspiration on the subject, read: Breaking up with your belongings, deciding to keep or purge; closet organization. Or google "decluttering" - you have about 2 million sites to choose from.

So, out went all my high heels which I can't walk in. I gave them to the maid who must be a size 32, so I can't begin to imagine what she's going to do with a size 41 other than sell them or use them for storage. Out went my H&M T-shirts that I never wear. Out went all the dresses which I love but t gags at every time I put on - what's the point of having clothes your husband can't stand? Although I don't see anything wrong with going out in a cream baby doll evening dress. Out went all the handbags I bought at Topshop thinking they were cool and then realising they're just cheap.

And then came the strange idiosyncrasies - why do I have 3 grey dresses? What's with all the blue striped shirts that I never wear? 4 beach sarongs?? Anyway, they've gone now. All to the maid who I hope has tall friends or knows how to sew.

The problem with all this decluttering, is that before you know it, you can't stop. The endorphins are incredible and so much more enjoyable that dragging yourself to the gym. So after tackling my clothes, I moved onto magazines and then onto the fridge. In my obviously drugged state, I over zealously asked the same maid in question to "empty the fridge and throw everything away!" I requested this by SMS from the office, without actually having checked what we had in the fridge beforehand.

I don't want to go there, but I'm struggling to shake the image of t's horrified face when he opened the fridge door to find all his cheese, orange juice and truffle oil gone. Adios.

Feeling rather sheepish and have been instructed not to dispose of anything for the next few days, until my peptide levels have stabalised.

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  1. Nice blogs, George!

    Best of luck with the move.