Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hong Kong on a clear day

It's on days like these that I really appreciate living in Hong Kong, and why I sometimes feel quite smug about coming back here after the holidays rather than somewhere a little colder...and damper..

Hong Kong with boat

Star Ferry making its way back from Tsim Sham Shui to Hong Kong

The odd surviving relic from the Victorians
Note the HSBC building behind which was built by Foster (Sir) and famous for its incredible detail to Feng Shui. My favorite part is that it's been built on our very own dragon's lair and so has a gap beneath it which has been specially designed for the dragon to sleep under it, and also to fly through.
Someone told me that at a party ...so don't check my sources...

The Bay. Take that, SF

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  1. Looks amazing, almost makes me wish I still lived there.

    All tall buildings are meant to have a hole for the dragons to fly through on their way from the hills to the sea - that's why that huge monolith in Repulse Bay has those big gaps in it.