Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bouncy bouncy music

Justin Bieber - for you NYT readers

T is pretty much THE man when it comes to music around here. He plays more guitars than I care to mention and is an avid reader Les Inrockutibles, which I encourage by renewing his subscription every Christmas. Anyone who comes to our house would say that there's generally a pretty eclectic mix of music playing at all times - from Elliot Smith to Guns n Roses to Serge Gansbourg (who I still haven't quite figured out how he ever got so popular).

I, on the other hand, don't listen to anything. I don't own an ipod and I welcome silence at the best of times. I find music to be distracting, and it will often give me a headache if I'm trying to do anything other than focus all my attention on it.

So yesterday as T and I were watching a Justin Bieber documentary (as one does), I started absent mindedly singing along to all songs. Admittedly, the lyrics aren't rocket science - anyone heard "U Smile"?. But still. Afterwards I went onto YouTube and sung along to Rihanna (Only girl in the world), Lady Gaga (Poker face) and Beyonce (Put a ring on it).

T just sat there with his mouth hanging open. How on earth did I know all these songs when a) I don't listen to music. Ever. b) I don't hear them at home either - T's frame of reference doesn't encompass trashy chart hits. Much like a New York Times reader doesn't know anything about Jersey Shore.

After discarting the double life theory, the answer is simple: E Hollywood True Story in hotel rooms and Cathay Pacific Pop Documentaries. Turns out I'm a pop chart groupie. Tsk.


  1. Well, your grasp of things has always been on the quick side - I am not surprised. I remember those discussions in the office where I was sitting with my headphones on my head to be able to concentrate more and you said that this was impossible. Maybe it was, but at least I now know the lyrics of the majority of trashy pop/rock/RnB tunes (years 2005-2007) whilst you are left with the memories of Deloitte Powerpoint presentations.


  2. Well it turns out JB is in the family as it were..Harris cousin's daughter is-we think- getting married to JBs it looks like we will have him perform at the nuptials. I got personally signed posters for friends 8 yr olds who had complete meltdowns!

  3. Good going there on the family tree tracking! I'm sure you're not mentally prepared for the meltdown you'll be having at the wedding! Take your shades in case you start blubbing.xx

  4. sure this wasn't my influence?