Monday, 18 October 2010

Busy getting married

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T and I are getting married. Hooorrraaaayyy!! We've been engaged for quite a few months actually, but it's taken us a while to refocus...

Now that we've set a date (summer 2011) and a place (Greece), I have now got a full year ahead of me to go completely mad. Organization thus far has been seamless...other than a couple of Hong Kong specific adventures...

Remember my shoes? Buying a wardrobe? Finding a flat? Well, much like Karate Kid, I can now apply those life learnings to finding a wedding dress. Although with much more excitement, anticipation and reflections of me in princess dresses that only come down to my ankles.

I have also started frequenting the local church. Which has been quite emotional. I spent much of Sunday morning sniveling into the hymn sheets, while what looked (and sounded) like the Tabernacle Choir powered from number to number.

Not only does this church have a seriously well practiced choir, the priest has also craftily assigned men with voices like Russell Crowe to read all the readings and announcement. So, in between tear-jerking hymns, we have Russell Crowe booming out over the microphone, with that all-powerful-yet-incredibly-calming voice of his. Even the announcement that "we will be having tea after the service" sounded like "If only you had been born a man, what a Caesar you would have made".

My life, and Sundays, now have a whole new meaning to them.


  1. Yay!! The whole church thing is a bit of an unexpected twist, but I guess that's just life. We all go through changes and if church is your new neighbourhood, I am going to support your decision as much as I can. If only Russell would be in my local church, I could see myself bum shuffling on the wooden benches a bit more often.

  2. Congrad :) Nece meeting you xx I like your blog