Saturday, 4 September 2010

Women's Weekly

Yesterday I went over to the office manager's desk to ask about some mundane subject like expenses. As I walked over towards her, she looked up from what she was reading, and stared across the room in a sort of daze.

I looked over her shoulder to see what she was reading, and for all intents and purposes it was Chinese Playboy. Petite women pouted on the pages, wearing frilly knickers and bras over their bits and pieces. I said something along the lines, of oh-that's-nice and she nodded and glowed in appreciation.

I then noticed as I looked round at the rest of the desks, that most of the women had a copy of this mag balanced on top of their paperwork, or jutting out of their bags. It would seem that this is the magazine de jour. The "People" of Hong Kong. It's called Face, and the girls LOVE it.

Now, if that's what the chicas are reading..what are the chicos reading? I wonder...


  1. And your photos are of a borrowed copy. : )

  2. I am always completely amazed at the pseudo soft porn here in HK. What really baffles me is how all these girls have such big boobs. None of my Chinese girlfriends do!