Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Spring cleaning

Given this is the hundredth time I move, I've become used to regular spring cleaning sessions. I moved to New York with two suitcases, and when I finally got round to shipping the rest of my things over, I threw most of them out. Because I'm only really attached to a handful of things. And the cracked eye shadow collection is not one of them.

The obvious trick to keeping your life light, is to throw things out, give them away or sell them. I err on the two latter ones. Donating and selling. I donate what people won't buy and sell what they will.

In New York I sold my clothes through Second Time Around, which was downstairs from our house. I spotted it on an old episode of Gossip Girl yesterday (yes, yes I'm about 12 episodes behind) and found myself choaking down a nostalgic tear. Didn't realize how much I missed our little street, sniff.

Anyway, I have found my sell-all place in Hong Kong. Select 18. And it's also downstairs from our house. Down-stairs. Lots of them.

Bum burners

Select 18: Where the wild things are

One of my dresses they generously took off my hands

For those of you who shop, here are some little finds that caught my eye:

Mean sunglass collection

LV anyone?

Now, having sold about 25% of my clothes, I can now finally fill our wardobe. Which, if you remember, I had made to fit our wonky bedroom. And which I'm quite happy with, as it has plenty of hanging space and T's side has lots of shoe shelves. T's alloted space is a little tight, but that's why he's a boy and I'm a girl.

Result: Lightly stocked wardrobe

Yes, that's a bear in the corner.

p.s. The wardrobe was built by Home Style Company, orchestrated by Ric Wadrobe
Tel: +852 932 581 92

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